About Oscar Ardaiz Villanueva

Oscar is a PhD researcher and associate profesor at Computer Architecture  Dept. of Technical University of Catalunya.

His research interests are applying computer, telematics and distributed systems technologies to individual, group and community communication, collaboration and participation. 

Research Areas

Distributed applications on top of the Internet provide most important services for groups and communities, however they present many research issues which motivated my PhD thesis, and continue to be part of  research proyects I am involved.

Once several distributed applications have been comercialized, it has been realized that there was an urgent demand for resource management systems. Grids are such enviroments design for computationally intensive applications, but many other systems have to be created yet.

I am interested in researching new applications of distributed systems technology. This is a difficult area of research which requires working closely with practitioners of other areas such as pedagogist, antropologist, ..... but it is motivative.

Research Activities 


Professional Background

Oscar Ardaiz  has taken various positions in industry and academia working in research and development of leading edge computer and network applications including: content distribution networks, Internet overlays, community networks, web based group communication intranets, home and industry telecomunication networks.

His earlier affiliations include a summer research stay at Information Science Institute / University of Southern California, a year working at Internet Technologies dept. in Bull UK & Ireland, a year as research assistant at Technology Centers of Navarra.

He holds a Telecomunication MEng. from the Public University of Navarra.

Oscar Ardaiz Villanueva
Escola Polytecnica Superior Casteldefels
Canal Olimpico s/n
Casteldefels, Barcelona 08034
Email: oardaiz@ac.upc.es
Office: Des 015, tel. (+34) 93 41-37102

Website: http://people.ac.upc.es/oardaiz